ALIGNO, for sustainable change
Your partner for consultancy, training, coaching & interim management.


Aligno, intelligent interim management

Are you on the verge of a strategic change in your company? It might be a merger, reorganisation or innovation. But whatever the case, you have your work cut out for you. You want to include everyone in the story. You have to make the right choices. And implement the process consistently and sustainably. Get help from the professionals. ALIGNO Management nv is a passionate, seasoned, team that ensures every project delivers high returns. Their results are guaranteed to live a long life in your organisation.

Why does ALIGNO represent added value for you?

  • You put your faith in a sounding board and strategic thinking partner. This allows you to make changes in your organisation more quickly and sustainably on every level.
  • You count on intensive guidance and quality control throughout your project. For the content and the approach. In every phase from beginning to end.
  • You are sure of continuity thanks to a stable project team and a single point of contact for overall project management.
  • You produce a high-quality project because our interim managers, consultants, trainers and coaches also make the most of self-guidance and coaching. ALIGNO is a trusted sounding board for them too.

Our assets

When you choose ALIGNO, you choose:

  • commitment – a high level of interactivity and participation
  • experience – with many years of practical experience and diversity shared between our team members
  • expertise – a good balance between academic knowledge and pragmatic know-how
  • energy – the right balance between hard and soft skills to bring about lasting change

In recent years, the ALIGNO talent pool has grown to more than 120 highly experienced professionals. Independent, they are selected for their knowledge, experience and values.

Our clients